Recording Studios

Audio Post Production – Location Recording – Mastering Studios

We have a wealth of experience and offer solutions based on an understanding of real world audio recording and production scenarios, with expert knowledge on the equipment we supply and close working relationships with the manufacturers we represent.

Recording Studios

Whether you need a plug-in, a microphone, a new DAW computer or a full on bespoke studio installation, you can rely on our team to deliver the right solution. We have many years experience in specifying, commissioning and supporting recording studio equipment. We can advise on both the software and the hardware that best suits your needs and your budget. Audio quality and customer satisfaction is always our concern.


  • Recording consoles
  • Studio monitoring
  • Studio outboard
  • Microphones
  • Synchronisation
  • Studio Design & Furniture
  • Acoustic Treatment

Audio Post Production

From the cutting room to the sound stage, we understand that today’s audio post-production workflows juggle many different file formats, media and devices. Our team has a wealth of real world experience in broadcast, film and television to draw upon to keep you running efficiently and cost effectively.


  • DAW controllers and Plugins
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Headphones
  • Calibration tools
  • Surround Monitoring
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Shared Storage

Location Recording

With access to an extensive range of products, we can supply all of the tools and accessories you need when you’re out on the road. From handheld recorders to bespoke multi-channel location recording solutions, we can help.


  • Mono, Stereo & Surround Microphones
  • Multi-Channel Location Audio Recorders
  • Portable DAW Systems
  • Racks & Flightcases

Mastering grade analogue and digital gear – the highest quality tools to polish your sound.


Mastering outboard


Audio restoration


Our team of audio experts understand studio and location recording best practice, as well as post production workflows. Contact us today to see how we can help. Call 01992 703900 or email

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