Media Storage

Media Storage

Media storage evolves as fast as the data users generate grows. With the shift from SD to HD, HD to 4K,  storage requirements have continued at a similar pace.


Academia are specialists in storing, sharing and protecting your content; whether it’s Memory cards for production cameras; direct-attach portable SSDs or hard disks, through to high performance Thunderbolt 3 RAID arrays and shared storage NAS/SAN platforms for centralised collaborative content creation.


With professional advice and deep-level workflow experience; our team can help you identify the right industry-standard storage for you and your students needs.

Memory and Media for production equipment

From SD to SxS, P2 to C-Fast, we stock all the major brands for media acquisition. Even SSD recorders and duplicators.


Memory and media from: Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Sandisk, Lexar, Atomos

HDD and SSD disks for workstations

Increase system performance for OS drives and media scratch disks with SSD, replacement drive modules for RAID and NAS/SAN systems.


HDD and SSD disks from AngelBird, Samsung, Sonnet Technologies, Western Digital, HGST, Seagate

Portable storage in the classroom or personal

From USB to Thunderbolt 3 – Cost-effective HDD to high performance SSD for 4K editing; even rugged “life proof” drives. Ideal for all BYOD environments.


Portable storage from: G-Technology, LaCie, Sonnet

Media storage for post-production

Provide on-demand access to content with Self Service, or centrally manage software deployments and updates behind the scenes.


RAID storage from: G-Technology, LaCie, Symply

Shared Storage NAS and SAN platforms for media

Centralise your storage with network accessible NAS and SAN platforms; compatible with Adobe, Apple, Avid – almost any creative software.


Shared storage from: Avid, Editshare, SNS, Quantum

Media Asset Management

Manage network attached media storage even drives on the shelf – through either dedicated MAM applications or in-browser management with iOS and Android devices. Rough cut in the cloud for editing later in NLE’s, even centralise and manage marketing material


MAM systems from: Axle, Editshare, Focalpoint, SNS

Nearline storage for shared storage systems

Not all media needs to be online (available all the time). Near-line storage is cheaper than NAS/SAN solutions; but extends the capacity and usability of your shared storage; even existing installs. Near-line enables users to “park” content for later onto a slower disk array; and can be “brought back online” by transferring back to the shared storage. Ideal for short-term archiving or occasional teaching modules.


Nearline from Editshare; Infortrend, Qnap, SNS

Back Up

If you don’t have your content in three places; its not secure. RAID arrays offer a degree of protection for your media in the event of a single or dual disk failure; but will not protect you if the whole array fails. Likewise if a single drive (I.e. in a laptop or a portable drive) fails; you can lose it all.


Protect your content at any level with our range of Back up solutions; encourage students and staff alike to get in the habit of protecting their work and content – they’ll be expected to in industry.


Back up from: Archiware; Editshare, G-technology, HP, Tandberg, mLogic, Quantum, ShotPut Pro


Content that has to be retained; coursework that should be kept on file for a 4 year course; our range of archive systems integrate across our storage range; from LTO tape to “bare metal” disk archives.


Archive from: Archiware; Editshare; HP; Quantum; Spectralogic

Network interfaces, PCIe, USB and Thunderbolt

Connect laptops and workstations to eSATA/SAS/USB3.0/Thunderbolt storage devices and high performance 10GigE/40GigE or 16Gb Fibre Channel networks.


PCIe Cards for workstations and towers; Thunderbolt expansion chassis for existing PCIe or Thunderbolt 1/2/3 network adapters.


Networking and connectivity products from: ATTO; Sonnet Technologies, Solarflare; Promise

Workflow advisory, Systems Integration and training

Our expert AV Team can offer workflow advisory for media storage; and full integration of network attached NAS or SAN systems. We also provide CPD-level product training for staff and students alike to get the most of your storage platforms and ensure “industry best practice” throughout.


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