Preparing students for media production in the “real world”

EditShare helps students all over the globe prepare themselves for the fast-paced collaborative media production environment. Their range of storage and administration features also help educators to better manage their workload, thanks to EditShare’s EFS scale-out shared storage solutions.

The intelligent storage is designed exclusively to work in the media and entertainment space. Whether the students are learning desktop publishing, journalism right through to media production and communications, EditShare helps administer all these tricky and complex procedures when dealing with valuable assets, media and coursework. As an authorised EditShare reseller, focused in the education market place, the Academia Creative team can advise on EditShare’s storage solutions, from education into industry.

Firstly what is EditShare shared storage?

Shared storage allows students to collaborate and save all their media together into a single location giving you greater management and control over the content. EditShare Media Space allows students to login from any editing workstation on the campus network, ensuring a more efficient use of equipment resources, while their innovative project sharing features let instructors and students review work together.

Students can work away for example on the Adobe Creative Suite bundle and save all their projects and assets securely on the shared storage platform. Instructors can review their work from any location and offer student feedback. This removes the constant battle that third level educations have with third party usb drives, keyrings, which can introduce virus to the network. By using the central storage platform, media is centrally located, stored and secured.

We understand that different colleges and universities use different editing platforms, that’s why we are proud to say that EditShare is platform agnostic, meaning we work with all the leading vendors, such as Apple, Adobe and Avid editing platforms as well as their own award winning hollywood blockbuster editing platform, Lightworks, the world’s first Windows, Mac and Linux editing platform. Available free from

Dealing with File ingest rather than the traditional way of digitising tape can be particularly confusing especially in educational environments. File names are normally given to the files automatically by the cameras, which generally use naming conventions that no one can actually understand. Using EditShare smart production tools, such as the bundled Flow Media Asset Management system, it allows the college to keep track of all media arriving into the central storage platform. Using Flow Media Asset Management enforces good working practices, finds the content you need, almost instantly. It is an example of something that you will genuinely wonder how you ever worked without.

Third level educations also can feel assured that the content is secure, with their integrated ARK, archiving solution allowing educators to backup an entire classroom’s end of year or semesters course work onto a single LTO Tape. Linear Tape-Open (LTO) is a magnetic tape data storage technology which can currently hold multiple terabytes of media.

There are many key advantages for tutors in education when using shared storage. With shared storage at the heart of the class, instructors can ease their workload as well as making sure students adhere to common standards in the Media and Entertainment industry. An instructor can easily share for example a sample project with students. No need to copy footage and projects to multiple computers, with the click of a button from the EditShare administrators panel, you can share media projects and timelines with students, making sure they are all on the same project at the same time. If you have a group of students working collaboratively they can work on a single project and timeline simultaneously, whilst at the same time learning how collaboration is one of the key attributes required to work in media production.

Administration of all this media is simple with the EditShare administration panel, allowing tutors to to give quotas to student for their storage needs, allowing them to delete media, copy media or archive media. Content can never go missing! Furthermore as EditShare supports the colleges LDAP system, students names and password can be loaded into the system instantly.

To conclude, as we move to a completely tapeless world, where recording quality is rising steadily to 4K and beyond, Shared Storage and Asset Management is quickly becoming a requirement for all teaching environments, where content is kept secure, indexed and archived whilst offering instructors powerful, yet easy to manage tools to administer students throughout the campus years.



To find out more, Contact the Academia Creative team via or call 01992 702 190 to speak to a member of the Academia Creative team about the benefits of an EditShare storage solution for your facilities.



Neil Boia